Need 5 V in Fez Panda 2?

I got a Fez Panda 2 kit. The output voltage is getting to a maximum of 3.3 V. Is it possible to take this to 5 V? Will the Fez Spider give a 5 V output through PWM? My requirement is as follows

  1. I need to have a 7 inch Touch Screen as input and would like to vary the voltage from 0V to 5V according to the input from the touch screen.

I have written the program to do that same with 3.3V. Please let me know which board should I use to get a 5V capability.

Should i get a fez spider so that i can program for a 7" screen as well as 5V?

None of the GHI devices “output” 5 volts. They are all 3.3V devices.

Most of the devices are “5V tolerant”, which means they will accept 5V as a digital input.

If you want to have a 0-5V output, then you will have to use a transistor to scale the 0-3.3V analog output.