Neato oled display

So I’m new to embedded programming, but not so new to programming in general. But I saw one of these on ebay and couldn’t help myself

Was curious if anyone else has a unit like this? They appear to have some demo code in the documentation that I get to translate :slight_smile: But this seems pretty neat and it’s cheap.

OLEDs have a very very good image quality but they are just too small for anything useful.

You can make those displays work with FEZ, SPI or parallel will work fine.

I forgot to mention that soldering those little headers is not easy because the cable would melt as soon as you try to solder :slight_smile:

Not impossible but requires some experience.

Yeah, It just seemed cheap and something to dink with :slight_smile: Sparkfun sells a 30 pin smd connector that will fit the ribbon, so soldering the connector is my issue. I figured I didn’t want to be soldering against the ribbon directly.

Most of these displays solder directly to the board, it doesn’t use any connectors.

Well I’ll let you know how it turns out lol. Either way if it doesn’t work it was 7 bucks… If I want to get a serious display I’ll get one of the ones already mounted with a breakout. I may just do that anyway and save this thing till my soldering skills get better.

Thanks for the input!

It will work. I have faith in you

I’ve used a lot of OLED’s from 4d systems( including the uOLED 96, 128, 160, µOLED-32028-P1T and some others but they’re not quite as nice on the price side. We’re using the fez mini and the uOLED 160 for the first prototype antenna gun I’ve attached. It’s going to download data from animals!