Near-field communication and USB CCID


I need to read NFC tags using .NET Gadgeteer. GHI’s RFID Reader is only for 125 Khz so it doesn’t work with NFC tags. I bought a NFC Reader of DFrobot
but the usability is really bad and I can’t get it running after days of struggling.

So I’m looking at alternative approaches. Most external USB based smart card readers are USB Chip Card Interface Devices (CCID). Has anyone used GHI’s USB raw device to communicate with such a device and is willing to share some code?

Any help is appreciated.


It should be possible but we did not test any. Is this for a commercial project?

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Hello nschmid,

I’ve been doing a project with rfid/nfc with a fez spider and a non-gadgeteer rfid board with I2C. There is also a rfid gadgeteer module made by community member justin. More info on his board you can find here

If you want more info about my project please ask.

No just for my own pleasure :slight_smile:
But I know companies that are intersted in CCID/NFC for RFID authentication.

@ Patrick: I’ll have a look at Justin’s work. Thank you for the link.

Hi Patrick

I’ve been doing a project with rfid/nfc with a fez spider and a non-gadgeteer rfid board with I2C.[/quote]

Do you have more information on this? Which chip are you using? MFRC500too?


Hi Nathan,

Do you need to read and write?

Where abouts in the world are you as if your close i could send you a module to try…


Hi Justin

I need to read NFC forum type 2 tags. But as far as I understood it it won’t be a big difference whether I read or write a tag as this is just a different APDU command that has to be sent to the card.

I use a Sony RC-S380 reader to write the tags using Windows 8’s proximity API. In addition, I use the same API on Windows Phone 8 to read and write.

I’m in Switzerland. That’s probably not nearby but would be great if you have a working module AND software. My problem is the software part. I already bought a module from dfrobot but that chip (MFRC500) is freaking complicated to use…


@ nschmid - I forgot i had a DF RFID module still in it’s packet…

I cant get anything out if it…

It’s relatively easy to get data out of the SM130…

Hi Patrick

I’m using this module ( Cheapest MIFARE Module SL018 ) connected to an extender gadgeteer module. Justins solution wasn’t on time for me, but it will be for any future project.

I’m reading mifare tags for this project there is no need to write. I’ve done writing before it is almost the same as reading. The only thing with I2C is to get your timeouts right.

@ Justin: Do you have a spare module to sell? This looks interesting… I’m in London from Thursday to Monday. Does that help? :slight_smile:

@ Patrick: This also looks nice. Did you document how to connect it to the extender and would you be willing to share your code? I have not much experience (almost no) in soldering and I’m bit worried of wiring it myself. After the MFRC500 experience I realized that the documentation standards in electrical engineering are even worse then in software engineering :slight_smile:

@ nschmid - ping me an email

Justin at ingenuitymicro dot com

I’m willing to share but if you have no experience my advise is to go with Justin’s solution. No solder required !

If you do go for soldering, please let me know I post the pinout here and share a piece of code thru codeshare.

Hi Patrick

I’ll try with Justin’s board.

BUT. It would be nice if you share it anyway. It would be interesting for me to see and also for others who are facing the same problem.