Nativ use of the Hydra

Hi, I have a stupid question is it possible to programm the hydra for nativ use with C? so without the NETFM?

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What you are talking about is called RLP. Hydra support has been promised very soon! Keep watching.

Well I know RLP, but I mean, normal µC programming in C, like you do with a ATmega128 or similar.

I’am asking because the hardware of the hydra is very handy, it is easy to extend with sensors or actors, so you can easily teach people how to programm a µC, and further then you can show them the NETMF.

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You’re reaching beyond my understanding but I believe what you are asking is indeed possible. Gus has talked in other threads about how to work the boards w/o going through NETMF. There is currently a challenge to get LINUX running on Hydra which would not use NETMF at all. Gus will probably need to better explain what you need to do.

@ jp_miata

Yes you can.

Yes you can connect JTAG and program it in C. We give you all design files and all source codes and from there you can do ANYTHING :slight_smile:

In my personal opinion, you would make a big mistake if do not use the code we give you. We spent thousands of dollars and long month of development to give you beautiful and complete NETMF port, yet it is free!

thx, gus

Well my question is only for educational purpose. It is not very economic to have two sorts of hardware for teaching of programming a microcontroller.

Yes the $80 hydra will give about the same vale as the $800 ek from atmel :slight_smile:

If your app is small (<64K) you can put it on SD card and name it boot.bin. Hydra will load it on reboot and run it.
That is how I run my small test apps at the moment.

Are you using keil or GCC?


I actually think the above is more like what the OP wanted - GCC is a free compiler that can compile code in C for the chip the Hydra uses.

I guess the decision is yours to make, but these days I err on the side of steering away from C in preference for C# in NETMF, but I can see how there are other reasons for still wanting to learn and teach something like C

Brett, whey reasons? If so hen RLP of even change the firmware code.

It took us weeks of work just to bring the system up. This is an advanced arm9 processor that is not developer friendly.

With it being open source and you have RLP, I personally do not see why would anyone dump all this and start from zero, beside for educational purposes.

OK, I honestly have to say I don’t know why either, but that was what I took the original post to want. An understanding of what C compiler options there was for this chip. Agreed RLP is the way I would approach it, but the OP wanted “bare metal”.