Nasty UART Bug?

Working on the tablet I added on the old Adafruit GPS I’ve used before with Cerb40. I put it on the protoboard and connected to Socket 5 as a gadgeteer module, then found touches stopped working after about a minute. I was gettting Buffer Overruns. Well this shouldn’t be, so I tried a bunch of different changes including making it non-gadgeteer and opening COM1 instead. Still killed me.

It’s worth noting I also have the Bluetooth module on Socket 7.

After taking off the Bluetooth module, it still seemed to overflow, so for fun I switched the GPS to Socket 7 (COM2, non-gadgeteer), everything seems to be working fine now. I’ll add the Bluetooth module back in and see where it goes.

Any known issues on Socket 5?

At what rate does you’r gps send data?

Only 1x per second 9600 baud and this is the exact same parsing code I used on the Cerb40.

It’s been running trouble free on the new socket since my post. Going to keep it running and check touches occasionally.

Very strange. Can you give us some steps to try to repro?

Well unless you’re going to connect a custom module, it might be a bit difficult.

I still have no failures or overruns on this Socket.

Bluetooth is connected to 5 (my problem socket) but it doesn’t exactly send much data at the moment so it would probably take a very long time to overflow the buffer.

We will try to test some more but not sure if we can reproduce easily.

you could just replay some GPS data from a PC connected to the COM port…

We are unable to repro. Please mark answer if complete.