@ stevepresley - that’s very generous. Thank you. Have you made any of the “box” boards that we discussed? I know some people in the group have the boxes for them to go in so that might be a good giveaway. Whatever you want to do is fine. Anything is appreciated.

@ godefroi - your goodies arrived yesterday. Thanks! Love the new Rewire mode. LOL!

First meeting update… We didn’t have nearly as many people at the first meeting as I was hoping for but for those of us that were there, I think everyone enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one. I expect this is going to be a group that grows slowly as more projects start popping up around town. This meeting was intended to be more of a planning meeting than anything else. So, I expected a somewhat smaller crowd. We’ve got some good topics planned and we’ll be trying out hosting future meetings in both live and simultaneously in G+. So, everyone here is welcome to join in the fun. Next meeting will be Nov 7th and the topic will be “Pimp Your House for Christmas” (controlling relays, lights, etc.). Any and all project ideas welcome.

Just ordered a Ziggi which should be handy for different presentations that I’m planning on doing. I’m not a fan of death by power point either (I’m old enough to remember Don Box and his disdain for all things power point, so slide decks and even power point installs beware), but given Gadgeteer will be pretty new to them I’ll need to give them the quick over view etc, but we all know that Gadgeteer is in the making of things, so the trick is what to show them to give them the range of devices they can make. So I’m thinking something basic for hello world, and then something medical, something musical (MeeBlipiator is worthy), something that moves (gratuitous rover project) and then given most of these guys work in the oil industry a remote internet enabled sensor/control package and that should about do it. Little wrap up and Bob is your Aunt and Mary is your Uncle were outta there, leaving a whole pile of group members with a new Gadgeteer addiction.

@ stevepresley always happy to try product and promote things that work. Shoot me an email to mcneillb at ZingPow with that Canadian domain extension with prices and specs.

I had hoped to get a Gadgeteer Frez for the presentation, but it seems that idea fizzled out.

@ Duke Nukem - Do you lot ever sleep?

@ Justin I’m Scottish and live by the old Scottish saying ‘Rest is for the dead’ as there is just too much stuff to do to waste time sleeping.

@ Duke Nukem - And i assume single malt helps? :smiley:
Pinging you an email…standby…

Duke, don’t know if you saw this project on the other thread but it’s a fun medical demo. I plan to enhance it in the near future with a temp sensor to have the LED colors change accordingly. A nice GUI for the Gadgetab is also in the works but a big strip of blinking RGBs really makes for a better interactive presentation than a UI does.

I believe this is the code used…

This is the sensor:

I’m certainly interested in any other healthcare related demos you come up with. Nashville is a major healthcare hub and people here are always interested in that sort of demo.

Awesome! Very nice of you!

An extra incentive to head down early tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Received Saturday. THANKS!

You are welcome!

@ ianlee74
You planning to record your next meeting…would love to see the stuff you’re planning to demo. :slight_smile:

Even better…I’m hoping to get everything setup to make it available live as a G+ hangout for everyone to participate in. The presentation was a last minute idea that came up at our last meeting. So, we’ll see how much I’m able to throw together before the meeting on Nov 7th but I’ve got some good ideas that should be enough to foster plenty of conversation and projects. I’ll try to also record the presentation and make it available via our website (under construction).

The info for our next meeting is located here. The topic is “Pimp Your House for Christmas”. It should be fun.

Once the G+ details are worked out, I’ll have devhammer update the event.