Mystical 7th analog port Panda II

Ive seen it a few times… Fez Panda II alleging it has 7 analog pins. Is there any truth to this. i could really really use 1 more analog pin.

Don’t know how that could be since the LPC2387 only has 6 ADC’s. Google the NXP LPC23xx user manual for details.

Maybe you could multiplex the pins.

I think it is a typo. LPC2387 has 6 channels only.

Edit. I have changed wiki article to match comparison chart:

Where did the 7th one come from! :o

Yeah! RobotFreak, where did you get that 7? :naughty:

If you need more analog pins an ADG407 will turn one into eight very easily. I have one piece of test equipment running as we speak that has 8 thermocouples all on ai0. The chip switches both positive and negative leads so no crosstalk through common ground. Still available as a DIP so you don’t need a magnifying glass to use it.

You are right. there was a typo on the product’s page for couple weeks at the very beginning. :-[