My Spider Lives!

Ever since I got my Sony laptop (Windows 8/8.1), I’ve never been able to access my spider. No matter what I tried, different cables etc. it would refuse to even recognise the device was plugged in. So after playing around with the Raptor (Which seemed to work with no issues) I tried again. Still nothing.

I’ve just updated my laptop Preview 2 of windows 10 and Just out of complete curiosity I plugged in the spider again. The familiar sounds of a new device being plugged in followed by the driver loading.

Spider is now fully updated to 4.3 (FezConfig did crash after successfully installing TinyBooter but everything worked great afterwards)


Also managed to update my STM Octopus (Cerb) thanks to the great video by @ DukeNukem. All boards now on 4.3.

Feeling a bit more back in the game now :wink:


This is good news! Looks like whatever Windows 8 did to break the serial driver is back working in Windows 10. I hope it stays that way after it is released.

The third technical preview for win 10 is out now (9926)

Visual Studio Subscriptions - Visual Studio 10 Technical Preview 9926&ProductFamilyId=0&Languages=en&PageSize=10&PageIndex=0&FileId=0”

I hope it still works :smiley:

I should have said the latest then :wink: