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My post on creating a Larson scanner, with button, potentiometer, and progress display


The Larson scanner that just grew and grew :slight_smile:



Pete, well done :clap: :clap:


As always, well explained. Thanks Pete.


Great job!


Nice post, Pete. Though I’m wondering where you’re finding the time to mess with the hardware, write the code, write a lengthy blog post, AND finish your Silverlight book…don’t you have a chapter due? :wink:


Awesome work!
Well described!


Very good tutorial!


Thanks all :slight_smile:

@ devhammer

Yeah, Procrastination. Over the next two weeks I need to finish two code camp talks (for tomorrow, actually), record some tutorial videos for Silverlight, and plan my 4 sessions for VSLive in Orlando. Plus, need to pick up the blogging pace or I won’t hit my targets.

Oh, and I need to have the last chapter of my Silverlight 5 book completed by Monday night :stuck_out_tongue:

Sleep? I wish I could convert my dreams to code in real-time so it would be more efficient :wink:



“I wish I could convert my dreams to code in real-time so it would be more efficient”

Funny…I’ve had several occasions over the last couple of weeks where I had been spending so much time coding that I actually did dream in code…very strange experience, that.

Well, at least the code camp will be behind you after tomorrow…


Updated to use current sink rather than current source for the LEDs. Good comment from a reader as well.


I had always heard of them referred to as a ‘cylon scan’, never heard of the inventor. I love learning something new like that :slight_smile: