My photographer quit

My photographer quit after getting an offer from GQ Magazine after they saw her pervious photos of the Gadgeteer classes and that handsome dude she got pictures of, and I forgot to designate a new photographer so sorry no pictures tonight which is a real shame as not only was I rocking a Calgary Flames Jersey, but I also have my playoff beard started (OK its still salty stubble, but by the end of the playoffs, I could be joining ZZ-Top).

Now I was worried about tonight as it was the Calgary Flames first playoff game in 6 years being my competition on TV (the Flames defeated the Vancouver Canucks 2 - 1 in a barn burner), but pretty much a full class again. In fact these classes have been so much a draw that I demanded and received a 40% raise tonight so I’m now making zip + 40% for every class I teach and having a blast doing it.

Tonight was interesting as I had one of the Microsoft Store folks come in on her night off so she could sit in the class as apparently while the class is going on its quite the topic of conversation in the rest of the store for employees and customers alike and I had one student from last week come back as he had so much fun that he wanted to do it again. I suspected that I’d have folks do this, so I have the source code for all my demo projects on a USB drive so tonight he got to build the Gadgeteer Simon Game and I figure he’ll be back again so I have a whole bunch of projects for him to try. We also had a senior dude from from a little company called Schneider Electric and like everyone else was blown away by how easy it was to build devices with Gadgeteer. So once again another successful Gadgeteer class. I’m going to take a break for a couple of weeks as I have a IoT Code Camp this weekend and a ‘Creating Mobile Solutions with Microsoft Azure’ user group presentation to prepare and deliver, then maybe in May I’ll be trying to teach this course at the Edmonton Microsoft Store and then back in Calgary for the rest of May and June. So much fun, so little time, but now I’m off to place an ad for a new photographer.


I think you should demand that your salary be doubled and require a bigger dressing room. That’s what all the successful stars do.

Do you have “groupies” now? :smiley:

Nice job, Blake! Keep it going!

We’ll let you pass on missing a photo of this but if you don’t post a pic with the ZZ Top beard then that will be grounds for a 40% cut in pay!