My new Exchange notifier gadget

My very first gadgeteer prototype :slight_smile:

First priority is to measure how long the batteries will keep the unit operational. I suspect not for long… So looking forward to a battery-module! :slight_smile:

Great Job! Love the prinitng too. :slight_smile:

Nice! Did you get a promotion from your boss? :slight_smile:

I did not, alas, but he did agree to buy the Gadgeteer components so I didn’t have to part with my own for long, thankfully :slight_smile:

Lol. You have a nice boss.

Nice job! So cool to get to build a project for your boss.

Although…why can’t the CIO have his Exchange calendar shared with everyone if that’s what he wants? :wink:

Hey, didn’t expect that, it made hackaday, how’s that for news-worthiness:

Don’t know about this line, though, “This is the first project we remember seeing since the hardware was announced.”… Maybe we should start sending them some more project news!


How did they pick up your project? Did you send it to them?

Send them the link to codeshare, they can keep on writing for the next 6 months :wink:

@ harleydk -

Congratulations! Getting on hackaday, DP or adafruit is always good!

Yea, they have a little form for links submissions and I felt sufficiently proud of my very first achievement to shamely drop the link to my own blog… Shamelessly so. Am happy about it, though, they really should feature more Gadgeteer-related stuff :slight_smile:


OMG, I was just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta spread the gadgeteer love, man…

Hahahahahaha I guess that will keep em busy

Congrats, harleydk!

Had a blast building it to I bet as with Gadgeteer its so much fun to take an idea and bring it to life, its addictive. No doubt you have 10 other ideas waiting their turn to become real.

@ HughB - Nice avatar! Creative!

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Very cool, I like it.

You might want to change the article to not include the public unsecured IP url… Unless your boss wants to share his calendar with the entire world.

http://[your public routable ip]/exchangeService/handler.ashx, is returning ‘12:00 - 20:30: Sommerudflugt 2012’ right now.

@ Dr9,

good catch, I thought I’d weeded everything but oversaw the obvious,

thanks man.