My Microsoft Azure IoT Contest Article on CodePlex

Finally managed it to write something and to create a new video. The video is without sound, because I am still sick and it’s hard to speak. Here is the video:

And here is the article on CodeProject ( I already updated the missing image, but the article is still not updated):



Very Cool.

Thanks for sharing


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@ Wolfgang Feneberg - Thanks :slight_smile:

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@ awsomedevsigner - Cool stuff, what can I say, it’s already in your name :clap:

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@ PiWi - Thanks :slight_smile:

I have set the Git-Repo on Bitbucket now to public:

And I have put all of the code into one solution. NetMF, WPF and node all in there.

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@ AWSOMEDEVSIGNER - Grand, will have a look at it, thanks for making the code avail !!!


@ PiWi - You are welcome :slight_smile: