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"My messages" link on forum


Most of the time I open tinyclr forum i do 3 things:

  1. search for topics i have created in hope of receiveing anwserws to my questions

  2. search for topics in which i wrote a message and see if the issue/question has been resolved

  3. search for new topics that have not yet been resolved and i am able to help

Now, for number 3 i use “Unread messages” or red icon next to topic header - this works for me. I think we could use some extra links to help with nr 1 and nr 2. “My topics” or “My messages” would be helpful in my opinion.

















Another good option would be to close the thread if the issue was resolved.


Agree, closing threads would save some space on forum.


To save the space means removing these threads, then we would loose the knowledge and ability to search in these threads.

Some members marked their threads as [CLOSED] or something like that. Automatic way of “closing” a thread that way, would be a time saving feature.


Yes!! Resolved problems are more valuable that ongoing problems.

But I agree with the “My Messages” but our cookies are gonna get big if these are to be stored.

Cheers Ian


Sory Architect i was writing this in a hurry… What i meant is that right now all posts seem to be active (if you mark all as read than you have no knowledge about which one is active). Adding a RESOLVED tag would make some space for those threads that still need attention (if e.g. filtering was added)


Our cookies should not get any bigger. The database knows who posted what and the cookie should be associated with our user accounts so it should just be a simple query of select forum entries I started or I posted to.


+1 for this.
Right now it’s a disaster to keep track of what I did… so sometimes I simply give up.

But hey,
here’s a crazy idea, can’t you just license StackExchange?
Or cut a deal with those guys?

I mean, there’s nothing better than that (check for example)


Closing threads would save some space: +1
Maybe add the feature to search in Archive or Solved?

Search for topics i have created: +1
Search for topics in which i wrote a message: +1


Your profile has your latest posts


This feature has been added under Forum’s sub-menu.


Sweet! Thanks!