My game console

Can’t find the thread where I have mentioned this idea before, so starting a new one. Here is the implementation of my “mount” for Wii controller. I wish I had Pete’s CNC machine - drilling those holes was not fun at all.

Looks great! So the idea is to put the screen on the front and mainboard on the back?

Ah but I see it can be done with a drill press that is what you used ?

Very cool! The mini arcade has a competitor!

@ ransomhall

Yes, that is the plan. Will stop by HomeDepot after work tonight and will get some nylon spacers.

@ swestcott

Yes, I’ve used scrollsaw to cut pieces from 1/4 and 1/8 plywood. Used drillpress to drill the holes.

Will put more pictures of each part on my blog. I will bring it with me to MadExpo.

Will you be posting Inkscape files for this when done?

I don’t really have any files. I will post images of each piece.


" Architect - very cool, did you manually position the wood for the bench drill to drill each hole?

That’s awesome! Now to get the Pac Man game running on it :slight_smile:

That is the next step. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have printed grid of circles, glued it to the piece and than manually drilled them.

Very cool idea.

Is the controller’s battery is able to power the Spider and the modules?

Thanks! :smiley: This controller doesn’t have batteries inside. Interesting idea though to add one. I will explore that.

This might give you some ideas… Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. . Looks like he squeezed a small lipo in one of the arms after removing the vibration motor. Doesn’t look big enough to run a mainboard and display for very long, though.

Brought back by Josh.

@ ransomhall -

Was a good link. Why deleted?

I hit the delete button by mistake after editing the post…

“Brought back by Josh” is kinda spooky…

Thanks to @ taylorza and his wonderful implementation of Pacman. Adding Chucky support was very easy. Just interface with few methods to implement.

Running great!

This looks PRO!!

Thanks! Special credits to @ taylorza for his Mini Pacman source code and good design!

That looks really neat I can’t believe you drilled those holes by hand! You should that with the hackaday?

It is a huge pleasure, I am glad others can find a use for my small contribution.