My first real test works

ok, so ya i am excited as i am new to FEZ and the whole .NETMF thing.
I needed to make things exciting for me to learn so as a lover of lights bells and whistles i made my own board with 32 sm leds on it to play with.
Got it working and just had to share it with somebody :wink:

I know, i know geeky…
[url]- YouTube

Nice job! Gotta love LEDs!

Yep, love LEDs

I knew you would finally see the light!

Well done.

Awesome. As a fellow blinky fanatic, I always love to see stuff like this. Please post some details. Did you make the board? What are the two chips I see? If this is your first FEZ project, you’re off to a great start! Would love to see something on the Wiki or an Instructable for this.

+1 for the info.
Maybe a schematic and driver? :-[
I love blinky fancy leds too :dance:

Seems like a pretty good start to build a LED clock :wink:

hmm, is the youtube insert broken?
Here’s the link to the video:

Thank guys, first i would like to thank Mike for spending some quality time with me to get started, and Savitch for posting his MCP23S17 code on TinyCLR CODE.

The MCP23S17 PRU is my favorite chip to get I/O from limited resources. Its very fast in SPI mode and have lots of features. when i was looking around the TinyCLR CODE and saw his post i started to drool. Then I designed my own board around 2 of these MCP23S17’s Maybe the next board i will put another ring around the outside of the red and have a green circle as well. then i will have 64 leds to play with :wink:

Attached is the skiz of the board.

The driver, Savitch did all the hard work.

I just changed the main app for using 2 MCP23S17’s and added the bit setting in the ICON register to allow the use of hardware address pins. I let him know about the bit, and he kindly updated his page for it. So the code you see there is basically the same code i am running. The only difference is that the code there is for one led to fly around the ring.

For the code in the video is this.

            while (true)


                x <<= 1;
                if (x == 0x100)
                    x = 1;



Need more leds! ;D ;D ;D

Tell me about it!