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My Fez Panda Robot


So, I have ordered a 4WD DFRobot body and assembled it. On top of it I have mounted a Fez Panda, 2A Motor Shield, SD Card Shield and a Xbee Shield.

Also mounted is a 9DOF IMU, GPS Module and Ping. I will be using 3 COM Ports (Xbee, IMU and GPS). I haven’t worked out the Ping connection, how I will deal with the encoder signals and the servo. All of which right now are not that important.


I also forgot to mention the IMU and GPS is mounted using Velcro! LOL! The greatest invention ever!








Looking sweet :slight_smile:


very nice. They also make a pan a tilt that goes where the servos go so you can have more freedom. Keep us up on the project let us know how it goes :>


How is it at turning with the four wheels instead of a tri-bot base?


I mount every board with velcro to the robots/projects I make. Because I do a lot of prototyping, I can easily get boards/components of excising projects and use them on something else. Velcro is AWESOME.

You robot is looking nice! I like the IMU and GPS setup.

Please keep us posted, especially when this baby is driving on GPS ;D


@ bstag That looks pretty nice. I might do that instead cause of the sidewalks. would be good to see a dropoff. Thanks for the pointer.

#11 here are pictures of the pan and tilt itself. After looking at that reminded me i need to update that post with the robot that competed.


@ William: It will turn using the same technique as a tracked robot. You can look at my 4WD DFRobot here :


I ended up using the IR triggers from DFRobot (3 of them) in addition to 2 ultrasonic range finders. I’m still working the sensor code and don’t have my motors hooked up (aside from the servo).

I’m having a heck of a time with my Xbees tho. Sometimes they work fine, sometimes they just don’t.