My Fez_Panda not working, so my PC cant see USBizi

i have fez_panda and fez_domino, domino working fine but panda not.
for what this problem occured

You do not provide further information, so I will ask you the basic questions:

Can you ping the panda using mfdeploy?
Did you try hooking up a power supply to panda?
Did you try a different usb port?
Did you try a powered usb hub?
Is the device recognized in windows’s device manager?

1:no i cant,also mfdeploy cant see USBizi
2:yes i tried, but also nothing :frowning:
3:yes i tried 3 different usb cable :frowning:
4:yes i tried
5:so when i plugging panda there nothing, also i tried different PC but still nothin :((((

Anything is connected to your FEZ?
Is the board getting too hot at all?

Do Windows make the “USB connect” noise at all when you connect the FEZ Panda??

no nothin connected to Panda and it not getting hot, and when i connecting panda to PC there is not something noise, but when i connecting Fez_domino it has some noise.
so i dont know how can i killed my pand :(((

Connect it to another PC and if it did not make the USB connected sound. it might mean that our FEZ Panda is dead.

i already chacked panda in different three PCs but no one had some noise :((((((((

plug panda into PC. Measure 5V pin and 3V3 pin on header…