My EMX Music Player

I haven’t measured it but 10ms seems like ages. Anyway, it’s working fine. 320 kbps mp3s and radio have no problem while going trough UI. Only C/C++ can make it faster (or a hydra module 8) ).

I’m not using RLP for graphics. But it would be great (fast). The only thing that’s keeping me from doing it is that I didn’t documented myself on using C++ with RLP.

And here is the repository with all the source code I’m using so far:
[url]Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.
It uses SVN

svn checkout netmf-music-player-read-only

The entire UI is built for 480x272 screens.

[italic]Progress so far:
Radio is working (needs some more tweaks).
File playing is working but nothing implemented in the UI.
Weather is working (needs a refresh button).
Email is working so far. Lot of work needed here.[/italic]

I habe interesse on internet radio.

godFather89 - Sorry for re-opening an old post, but I was trying to view your code on Google at Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting., but the link no longer works.

Have you posted your code somewhere else?


No, I don’t think the source code is online anymore.

Here is a clip with the project finished:

I’ll search for the source code.


Looks really good! Thanks.

Fantastic! I hope you will find and share the sources with us.

@ godFather89 -

Somebody still around that likes ABBA…

I thought I was the only one!

:slight_smile: oldies but goldies.

Unfortunately I forgot, but here is the source code:

Really great. Thanks. I hope that I soon get time to try it.

Make sure you update/change the part with sending data to VS1053. It uses native functionality.

Thank you for the sources. I really appreciate it.

Thank you! I had a quick look, and there’s some really good stuff in there :slight_smile:

I’ll try it out tonight on my Cobra 1, and eventually try the VS1053b code on my Panda II.

@ godFather89 - I can learn a lot by looking at your coding style and techniques. Great job.