My CP7 Tablet

A buddy of mine is working on CNCing me a lexon case, but in the mean time I used some scrap acrylic for a top and bottom and put standoffs in between. This is the thinnest I could make it, cables want to push up the CP7…lucky it’s taped down.

It’s powered by a dual-power module or a lipo battery pack.


Now that looks really great. Are you sharing the design?

I can see if my buddy Brandon has the files for the one he’s making. This was actually done by hand with just a table saw, drill and jigsaw.

Looks nice!

@ Architect - if not, will be glad to fab up something for you. I have a couple of similar ideas already, just need to get my shipment of hardware and new acrylics delivered and start cutting! Hope to have some ready with the hope of showing them off at DevLink.

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Yep, I did mine with my scroll saw

@ stevepresley

Absolutely. I still have to send you my design files for EMX DevSys (soon).

Looks great! Very modern.

It’s CP7 tablet week! Who else has one? :slight_smile:

Yes it is lol

I hope to have one early next week! Putting in my order for more goodies (and bunches of more acrylic colors) tomorrow!

Awesome! Looking forward to it.

@ skewworks - what all do you have going on with that Duinoproto?

At the moment it only houses battery connection and switch, however it’s final feature list is:

Port 1: Battery + Charger
Port 2: Battery Monitor
Port 3: IR Trans/Rec
Port 4: GPS

Tablet party time!

We make a pretty good triangle here: NE Illinois, Mid Tennessee, and MidEast Virginia…tablet party in Kentucky?

@ Skewworks Can do it at DevLink if you’re going, or we could get everyone together at next year’s Codepalousa in KY, CodeMash in OH or MADExpo in Hampton, VA

Very nice …

@ stevepresley - That would be a really ideal meetup, unfortunately I won’t be attending. We can shoot for next years codepalousa though!

Just ordered a bunch of acrylic, mounting and stand-off hardware and acrylic bits… should have some more prototypes of plates sometime late next week.

Need to put in my GHI order for some new toys - just need to find my MADExpo 15% off coupon :wink:

Expired August 1st.

Just ordered a bunch of acrylic, mounting and stand-off hardware and acrylic bits… [/quote]

What bits do you use? I’ve been unable to find anything at the box stores that will not melt the acrylic. I suppose I’ll need to order something. What tricks do you use for keeping the bit cool enough to prevent this?

doh! Guess I need to talk to Gus then :wink:


Metric Tin Coated Hss Two-flute End Mill, 3.0mm Mill Dia, 3/8" Shank Dia, 3/8" Length Of Cut
Item 694A14

14 bucks each

Run at 6000+ RPM at 45-50 steps/inch. pass depth of .2in

Make sure you use a TiN coated bit or it gums up like crazy and then melts solid.