My CapTouch Module

This is a demo of my CapTouch module.

It can be used as a bare PCB, or it can be placed behind 3mm plexiglass or glass. You can print an overlay and place it between the module and the plexiglass/glass, just be sure to minimize any air gaps between the module and the outer surface.


That is awesome!

Very good demo! Is this one OSHW?

Whoa!!! That’s sexy!

Nice. Me likey. Where/when can I order? :wink:

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very cool!!!

Thanks everyone.

Not at this time. It is a very simple circuit, following the datasheet to the letter.

My store is open. I still have to update my shipping policies etc. That will be done tonight or tomorrow. And all my modules are green at this time, so they are on discount.

Just note, the Captouch module had a PCB bug then I had to fix with a fine wire, hence more discount on it.

I’m still waiting for more laser cut plexiglass.

Awesome - as soon as I get my final check from work, will be ordering lots of goodies!

I can handle the plexiglass, so no worries there.

I’ll definitely be picking one of these up in the near future, great work!