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My blog post on creating a module from scratch


Basic introduction to creating a module. I’m using the Gadgeteer Extender module and a breadboard.

I ran into an issue with the board image, however. No matter what I did, if I didn’t name it “Image.jpg”, it wouldn’t show up in the designer. I made sure I had the correct value in the XML and that the image had the correct build action. Still no go, though.



Der Blog König Streiks!


Dear Pete:
I love your blog, many NETMF blogs are out of date or updating slow or even stop.
I order a Gadgeteer last week. I am exciting to try it.
I go to your blog and the tinyCLR every day to see what’s new today.
Thanks for your sharing and many nice people here.


Pete is the man! We have got to get you one of the new FEZ Hydras :slight_smile:


@ Gus

My mailbox is always open to packages from you guys :slight_smile:



@ Tzu

Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s what I am talking about!! Thank you Pete.