MVP Summit Meeting

First off let me say that this meeting is covered by a NDA so I can’t repeat what I heard, saw, butt kicked, etc, but I can say Duke Nukem is a much happier camper and it was great to finally connect a real person to some names and see some old friends and some really old friends again.


@ Duke Is this info that might released to us plebs in the “coming days/week/months” or “soon”?

@ Duke Nukem - Wish I could’ve been there. Guess I need to do the work to become an MVP again, so I can get the inside info. :wink:

Glad to hear there’s good news!

Now we need to figure out what makes you happy :smiley:

Hopefully, it starts with G. :slight_smile:

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That’s one of the most encouraging NDA compliant statements I’ve ever seen.

I guess we just need to search for dukes Posts and what he was complaining about :slight_smile:

I asked if I could post this as just one of many reasons why I’m happier camper

Yep they are putting the band back together, yesterday Colin Miller was yet another guy brought back into the band.

There is a f bomb in this so headphones might be recommended.

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@ Duke Nukem - Colin Miller?


BTW - do try to provide a content warning when you post something with an f-bomb. Thankfully, I work from home…but since we homeschool, that means I have other reasons to keep it clean. :wink:

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This Colin Miller.

I have been hearing a lot about this Microsoft Band lately.

@ hagster - Yep. I know who Colin is…was joking with the video.

Colin is a great guy, and if he’s back in the mix that’s good news indeed!

@ devhammer - Sorry I’m sitting in a session and chose the clip on memory as of course I couldn’t play it in order to hear it during the session.

And yes it would be that Colin Miller, so its looking like its becoming Party on Garth time here again.

@ devhammer - for the benefit of folk like me that had to Google him.

Ah. Sorry…misunderstood. My bad.

Thanks for clarifying, and for posting the video.

I met Colin at MIX 2011 (where he was running the Curious Cloud Contest -, along with Chris Walker, as they had booths basically right next to one another in a demo area that was set up for the conference.

It’s funny to hear all the IoT talk these days as if it’s something new…as the contest from 2011 shows clearly isn’t new at all. :slight_smile:

On the plus side, I think that IoT is more accessible than ever, and if I’m understanding the hints Duke is throwing around, it could get even more so.

Hoping that’s the case, anyway.

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There is another clue in that clip that is also making me a happy camper, but you need to know some of the history of .NetMF and Gadgeteer to understand why its highly significant

I know what part is: We’re on a mission from GOD! :whistle:

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And the report from MVP Summit today is :clap:

The day couldn’t have ended any better, its like someone was reading my mind or something. I might have to change my handle as its almost like 'We’re on a mission from Duke Nukem!" and with a little luck you will be seeing today’s result ‘soon’.

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