MVP Global Summit 2016

Any FEZers going?

@ ianlee74 - Yes! :wink:

So, I presume you meant the 2016 event, yes? This Nov 6-11?

In any case, I’d be happy to meet a group of Fez-heads for dinner. Let me know (by DM) if you are interested and what hotel you will be at, and I’ll see if I can arrange a time and location that works for everyone.

MVP blah blah blah MVP blah blah blah

I just trademarked that!


I’d have thought ‘dinner’ would be what stood out.
Fly out here and I’ll feed you too.


Unfortunately for you I am a MVPB and we have a seperate summit because of our elite status.

MVPB = Most Valuable Professional Bottleneck? :smiley:


sniff Even I don’t get into the Microsoft MVP conference. I just like hanging with fellow fezheads and thought this was an opportunity to get together. Anyway, if you care to hang with us, the unwashed, you’re certainly more than welcome.


The first rule of MVPB is that you don’t talk about MVPB.

Little late for that, now, huh? Now, cough it up…


That would be awesome. Thanks.

I will be attending the Summit.

So, are we getting together sometime next week?

Its looking fairly booked, maybe Thursday afternoon somewhere?

Actually dinner sounds like a good deal, as I’m not sure I can eat all this bar food.

Thurs afternoon works good for me. I just have to be on a plane at 8:30pm.

Check out this old geezer (uh, I mean Gadgeteer…) that I ran into today :smiley:


@ ianlee74 - it was good to run into you. I was surprised you found me in the going show of MVPs trying to have lunch. Ran into Pete a couple of time, easy to spot with that beard he is sporting now.

I can’t comment on the IoT guys as I didn’t spend any time with them as they confiscated my boots at airport security on the way down, but things are looking freakingly amazingly great for the UWP guys so I’m more then just a bit excited to get home and get coding.

How could anyone miss that shirt? :smiley: It was great to meet you finally. If you’re around tomorrow we should try to find each other again. I’ll be in the “New Format IoT Developer Workshop” in Bldg 35 most of the day.

Despite the chocolates, coffee, & hand lotion I gifted the IoT guys they still refused to have anything to do with NETMF or Gadgeteer. A few interesting things in the works for IoT Core coming, though.