Music Module capable of working together with SMSL SA-50 amplifier?

Hi guys,

can anybody tell me if my music module with the VS1053b is capable of working together with the SMSL SA-50 amplifier? Today I did some test connecting my music module to an older pioneer A-505R. Nothing could heard from the speaker… :frowning:
With an headphone of course it works. Is there anything related to the impedance or else?

I am not the audio hardware expert so I wanted to be sure that it works before buying anything. :wink:


sounds like impedance and/or level.

What means level in the audio area? The ouput voltage on the stereo jack?

@ tester56723 - the music module does not provide enough of a signal to the amplifier. it is doubtful that the amplifier has an 8 ohm input impedence.

@ Mike
Do you mean it is doubtful that my old amplifier has 8 ohm impedance?
What about the new one?

The music module was designed for headphones, which is one of the reasons for discontinueation. There is no lineout - which is what you need.

I have struggled for a year with that module without making decent progress, I have tried several other modules, but I am still convinced that some day I will find a decent module that can play … music.

@ njbuch - You are making me sad :cry:
What about these boards, do they supply better line out:

In principle it must be possibel to get an solid line out, see here:

But I don’t want to solder… :frowning:

None of those Will be good.

Adafruit has the music maker or sound fx boards Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger with 16MB Flash : ID 2220 : $24.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Try them, but you have a challenge rgd driver for netmf. It’s not Pnp.

By the way it does now work when I connect the music module with my pioneer amplifier… Just use the corrent line in and music is playing :smiley:
But I have to set my amplifiert to nearly maximum for a good loudness.

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And how is the noise level when not playing?

The noise level is quite good, of course I have to turn up the amplifier to half of maximum. Then i can change the volume via the poti in my project. Now I will try my final amplifier: SMSL SA-50 D-AMP TDA7492

Next week I can present some results…