Multiple Versions

Is it possible to run multiple versions? For example:

A Cobra III (Currently version 0.4.0)
A Panda III (Currently version 0.5.0)

If I install the 0.5.0 version of the visual studio extension, when I create a project for the Cobra, I get an error deploying it, even if I select the correct libraries (0.4.0).

If I uninstall the 0.5.0 vs extension, and install the 0.4.0 extension I can create a project and deploy it to the Cobra III.

Is there an easier way to do this?


Unfortunately for the time being you need to use the extension, libraries, and firmware that all have the same version. We’re doing a lot of work internally with message and assembly formats, so mixing versions won’t always match up. There was a particularly big break between 0.4.0 and 0.5.0 regarding mscorlib that makes it impossible to work.

Once things settle down, you will be able to mix versions like this.


@John_Brochue Awesome news! Thanks for the help!

wait until 0.6.0 i belive you will have for both platforms same packages
there will be no need to change vsix 0.4.x with 0.5.x (because you will use 0.6.x for both at once)


My impatience has me chomping at the bit, so I’m just getting my feet wet with TinyCLR, and experimenting a bit.


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there’s just a few days (or maybe hours to launch 0.6.0) so all we are waiting “quietly before explode”


As I got caught out that the VSIX version also had to match, and VS suggests your Firmware needs to match the library, when it did… But the VSIX was older.
I think this catches a few people out, as once you install it, you tend to forget all about it…

As long as we are all in alpha, you must always match everything, even the bootloader!

Once we get into beta, things will get a lot easier.

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