Multiple RS232 via USB. (via TCP/IP or VSP)


I’m looking at the GHI products because I had some ideas in my head.
However, I could not quickly find the answers to the questions that I had so I thought it was time now to register on this forum and hope someone has some useful information for me.

The questions that I mainly have are:

  • If you are using multiple RS232 Ports, would it then be possible to route them to dedicated TCP/IP socket ports and access them via USB?
  • Are there USB drivers available for TCP/IP connections?
  • if you have multiple RS232 Ports, would it then be possible to route them to multiple Virtual Serial Ports and access them via one single USB connection?
  • And if so, are there drivers available for that?

Thank you very much in advance!

if you are asking if USB Ethernet adapters are supported then the answer is no.

if you are asking if you could connect multiple rs232 to USB adapters to a USB hub and then the hub to a USB host port then the answer is yes, if the adapters use genuine FTDI chipsets.

if you are asking something else, then I don’t understand your questions.

Hi Mike,

Basically I would like to communicate with the help of an RNDIS driver to the Gadgeteer mainboard.
However, I notice in some discussions that some (?) Gadgeteer boards supports CDC over USB.
For me it is unclear if the CDC over USB also supports Ethernet so I could theoretically connect multiple RS232 Modules to the mainboard and link them all to a specific TCP/IP socket port.
If I understood correctly, the CDC over USB is a replacement for the Remote NDIS and therefore I was basically expecting Ethernet as well (But can’t seem to find any examples for it…)
So is this supported by the hardware, software and current drivers?

The second case was the same principle of using multiple RS232 Modules and use them simultaneously over 1 USB connection.
So without the need of an extra HUB… same principle as for instance a 4, 8 or 16 Port RS232 Hub.
Can we have multiple instances of


CDC makes the device look like a serial port on the USB side. Has nothing to do with Ethernet.

you could connect connect multiple serial ports a board, the number depends upon the specific board. and the write code to multiplex the serial data over a cdc connection. it his would be a the application level. their are no drivers available to make the client USB (CDC) look like multiple virtual serial ports.

RNDIS has not been implemented under the micro framework.

Thank you for the answers!
Last resort would be writing something for WinUSB then.
Here a nice link that maybe have some pointers to support the unsupported:

Would be nice to also have the ability to have webserver access over USB… so let’s see.