Multiple network interfaces

I think this might have come up in the past but I can’t find it.
Does TinyCLR handle multiple network interfaces? For instance, does the network stack handle the internal Ethernet connection as well as a PPP connection? Or a hardwire ethernet and wifi together?

We can ping 2 IP addresses at the same time, as tested between Ethernet and Wifi. Others interface should be same. But no further test since this feature is not important.

Just remember you need 2 different MAC for 2 configurations, and select which one you want to be default.

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So I assume the default network would work normally with socket functions. How would I specify socket functions on the secondary network?

you specify the network interface to use with the bind method.


Thanks guys for the answers. I don’t have my hardware done (working on building it this week) and I am already thinking through the software.