Hi All,

I have a problem with mcorlib.dll, i installed netmf but the version in the instalation folder is
Is there a known installation issue? or a workaround?
Uninstalling and installing again did not fixed the problem.
And i did try to turn it off and on again :wink:


Did you had NETMF 4.3.0 installed before?
May be the update went wrong.
I had the same problem (with other NETMF dll’s) because of this.

Yes, i had installed before :think:

I think i have another uninstall + manual search for survivor dll’s before installing again…

Reboot after uninstall is usually also a good idea

Problem solved, uninstall did not removed the 4.3 and 4.1 folder…
Normaly this should be no problem if version handling is working as it should in the installer, but then again, we don’t live in a perfect world :smiley:

Thanks Reinhard!