MS Introduces new Azure IoT Suite

I think this may be more packaging than new product, but it certainly looks like it will make a W10 IoT device easy to get online.

Remember, Microsoft’s IoT strategy is Azure. It doesn’t involve Azure, it IS Azure.

I disagree.

Azure is simply Microsoft’s strategy for monetizing IoT. An important distinction, IMO.

@ andre.m - Didn’t see that, looks like he linked to the SDK, while I linked to the product announcement.

Who wants to help port it to work on netmf :think:

Edit: the client library that is… :-[

It would be much more likely that they have a 4.3 version but have not released it as previous demos based on “project Reykjavik” (which I would assume is at least in part IoT Suite) used netmf. There is even a ODBII demo (Browse code samples | Microsoft Learn) that previously worked with it… However things have definitely moved on in 2 years!

Yeah, we’re surely looking at Azure event hubs here, which is already doable with 4.3 and is even available at courtesy of a certain member of this board.

From @ ppatierno blog entry about Azure IoT Suite

This is a nice wrapper for AMQP to Event Hubs which we have been doing for sometime now. What I’m really excited about is the other end of the process as Power BI is very cool and will continue to get cooler and is an excellent tool for IoT developers.

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Yes, I agree completely.

I have posted a request on their uservoice site for netmf support ([url]Page Not Found) feel free to vote it up :smiley:


It’s an great service from one of my favorite vendors (and my employer, of course), but it’s still only a small part of the problem space. It’s a great way to get folks engaged, but there are a lot more dimensions to the IoT problem space - like: device asset management; onboarding, deployment and updating; data staging; analytics and visualization; dashboarding; and a lot of other things that aren’t covered here. They are certainly doing a great job of the areas they are covering (developer framework, data acquisition, storage management) but there’s a lot of green fields here yet for other enterprising outfits to get into the game. In fact, I happen to know of one that is doing just that :slight_smile:

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@ mcalsyn - “green fields” ::slight_smile: