MS Deploy Tool 4.3

Anyone else noticing this is cutting of debug lines? I had a major issue I was working on and the stack trace wasn’t coming through. VS wasn’t an option because the issue only occurred in a new AppDomain which VS doesn’t like to play with.

At first I thought it was an issue with my code not actually reaching anywhere, so I put an insane amount of debug lines in and noticed lines getting cut off mid way. So I through in this lovely line of code at the end of my try/catch.

            for (int i = 0; i < 15; i++)
                Debug.Print("...buffer clearing line");

The result was I got my stack trace. Simple error, I was actually forcibly denying the action I was trying to take outside of the default domain. But here’s the end of the debug data from the tool:


...buffer clearing line
...buffer clearing line
...buffer clearing line
...buffer clearing line
...buffer clearing line
...buffer clearing line
...buffer clearing line
...buffer clearing line
...buffer clearing line
...buffer clearing

Just under 10 full lines of the 15 I told it to print…

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Yes, I see the same phenomenon with 4.3.

Usually it prints the half of debug print statement and the rest with the next iteration.

I thought it was just me.


It’s the same here. I even know this back to 4.2.

yep, it’s a partial USB buffer problem… was discussed here before I am sure, and IIRC GHI might have found something but I am not sure whether that was a netmf thing that needed fixing or a GHI thing, but either way I don’t think there’s a fix available.

try posting debugtext + lots of whitespace, or filler characters, so they get cutoff, not the good text

they’re not cut off, just not unbuffered at the time the message is sent. Padding will help, but it’s dependent on packet payload size which means unless you exactly buffer your debug text to the same size as the bytes unpacked, you’ll always leave something behind.

same issue here especially while debugging serial data…

drove me nuts at first, so I decided to use FTDI and terminal to debug the data.

Clear BootLoader Flag Command
Error: No response from device
Clear BootLoader Flag Complete

It was worth a shot, thanks.