Mr. John Smith has leveled up!

Please join us in congratulating our new King Mr. John Smith, who leveled up on November 22, 2015 at 4:20am EST. Mr. John Smith has been a member since September 7, 2013 and has made a total of 1,403 posts, averaging 1.74 a day. Thank you for your support and commitment to our community.[line][em]This is an automated message.[/em]

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Hey cool, I’m a King! :dance: :clap:


Congrats Sir !! :clap: :clap:

@ Mr. John Smith -

Way to GO! All uphill from here…

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Congratulations :clap:


Congratulations :clap:

Congratulations Mr Smith!

Congrats! :clap:


how many Titans are there?

Tennessee Titans fan here! :wink:

Erm… I… I meant forum Titans. Sorry.


:clap: :dance: :clap:

Yes, congrats.

Thank you. Thank you all my minions!