MPU6050 library

Hi to all,
someone came across the MPU6050 chip?
With NETMF I noticed that I2C transactions were used.
I’ve seen ReadPartial and WritePartial, is it right to start from here?
Can anyone tell me how to use them to implement “pseudo” I2CTransactions?
Thanks so much

I haven’t read MPU6050 datasheet yet. But most accel I have seen, they use similar code below:

public DoTest() {
			var i2cController = I2cController.FromName(;
			var setting = new I2cConnectionSettings(your_address) {
                BusSpeed = 100_000,
                AddressFormat = I2cAddressFormat.SevenBit,

            this.i2cDevice = i2cController.GetDevice(setting);

        private void WriteToRegister(byte reg, byte[] value) {
            var count = value.Length + 1;

            var write = new byte[count];

            write[0] = reg;

            Array.Copy(value, 0, write, 1, value.Length);

            this.i2cDevice.Write(write, 0, write.Length);

        private byte[] ReadFromRegister(byte reg, int count) {
            var writeData = new byte[1] { reg };
            var readData = new byte[count];

            this.i2cDevice.WriteRead(writeData, readData);

            return readData;

        private sbyte GetX() {
            var reg = this.ReadFromRegister(register_X, 1);
            return (sbyte)reg[0];

        private sbyte GetY() {
            var reg = this.ReadFromRegister(register_Y, 1);
            return (sbyte)reg[0];

        private sbyte GetZ() {
            var reg = this.ReadFromRegister(register_Z, 1);
            return (sbyte)reg[0];

Just give you idea about I2C.
They may need write to special register to wakeup mcu, or 8, 10, 16 bytes register for X, Y, Z. You need datasheet for these.