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MP3 and Amp


I have the MP3 extention and can output to headphones. I am now looking to amplify the output with some small amp and find a decent water resistant ~3" speaker. And power both the fez and amp from a single pack. So am looking for some direction/ideas on:

  1. amp
  2. speaker
  3. power solution. What and how. Recharge pack and optional brick power secondary.



I used this amplifier with FEZ before.
It’s not stereo. but the sound quality is pretty good.
You can use to amplifiers to get 2 channels.


Or if you want DIY - I am using this right now It’s prety simple. I powered it from single Pb (12V) batery. The same as my panda and mp3 powered from. But I think it’s good with 3 cell Lipo (ABSOLUTE MAX in datasheet is 18V) if you want smaller package.


I got one of these and they are well worth the $5,-