Moving from 4.1 to 4.2 for Cobra

I’m trying to build my first Cobra II app w/ SDK4.2. Up to now, it’s been 4.1 Panda II apps. I’ve installed 4.2 and updated the loader and firmware on my Cobra II that’s been sitting on the shelf. Pinging works.

When I fire up VS 2010 these two Cobra app templates are listed:
FEZ Cobra Console Application
FEZ Cobra Windows Application

Selecting Console App, I switch from Emulator to USB and the Cobra is found.

However, when I build the console app it uses SDK 4.1. When I specify 4.2 as the target framework (under Properties) I need to exit VS and restart for jt to build with 4.2 properly. So question #1 is, how do I get VS to use 4.2 for a Cobra app initially and avoid restarting VS?

Further, when I attempt to run the console app template, which includes

using GHIElectronics.NETMF.FEZ;

(the template blinks the onboard LED) I cannot find the appropriate assembly. That file is not on my computer. Assemblies in 4.2 seem to start with GHI. and not GHIElectronics… There is also a Premium library and a OSHW library.

Am I using an old template? Do I need to set something in VS to default to 4.2?

I suspect you don’t have the (4.1) GHI SDK installed correctly. The “old” templates that were on 4.1 that included the “shortcut” templates for individual boards went away a while ago. I have VS2012 not 2010, but I have the latest 4.1 SDK, and those templates do not appear. You can and should just use the netmf console application template and add references yourself.

Right. Yes, loading the (evidently) old template seems to have caused the build to use 4.1, at least just specifying a console app works fine w/ 4.2. Easy enough. Thanks, Brett.