MoveRamp ramping_delay parameter

On the Robot Kit, when moving the docs say you should call MoveRamp rather than Move methods, as the latter can damage the hardware.

What is the minimum safest ramping_delay parameter that I can pass in? The demo source shows 10, but that’s too slow for my needs.


I don’t think there is hard fast rules as it depends of amp draw, motor stall draw, current battery volts, temp, etc. For example, I noticed on testing 7.2v batt and bigger motors, I had to add ~200ms delay between full forward and full reverse - which causes max amp draw. Same with dead stop to full speed can be same as Stall draw. A high draw leaves little amps for fez, which can cause a low power reset as no power left. You can compensate for this with a diode in series and ~1sec of capacitance in parallel between motor supply and fez input (so the fez can power from capacitor during high draw). One street-fix is to try to avoid the issue with ramping delay to limit large current draw. You could do a bunch of math, but I would just experiment a little until you find the spot.

Thank you.