Move out of the way LED...This is plasma

Well, if the 300 lumen/watt nano-crystal LED prototypes don’t become feasible soon, then this has a serious upper hand in becoming the lighting fixture of the future…if it itself becomes feasible (lol)

Now that’s some serious lighting equiptment. Just imagine how small the bulb for a home incandescent replacement would be.

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“Same temperature as the surface of the sun.” You can also heat your home with it!

Cool! I wonder how safe are these.

It looks like their intended use is to replace street lights & commercial factory overhead lights. So, I guess there’s not much concern with people coming in contact.

Sounds like it might be a good source for roasted pigeons.

It’s about as warm as a Hot Pocket!

I think you guys have it backwards. The new plasma bulb is MORE efficient that a incandescent or LED light source so it wastes LESS energy per lumen. One the video they show a typical street lamp which consumes 400W and the new plasma bulb which consumes 250W. So despite what temperature the plasma is at at the heart of the bulb the amount of radiated heat is much less, so the new fixture will run much cooler than the old fixture.

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He is talking about the light temperature not the surface temp.

The sun has 6500K in color temp.

I don’t think so. He said “it’s the same temperature as the surface of the sun”. This is plasma…

@ Jeff_Birt - had to go ruining the fun with facts… :wink:

He is referring to color temp, I wrote wrong color temp its 6000K which is daylight spectrum.

Have a look at Xenon light which are plasma lights, the often run at 6000K to give you daylight contrast. Plasma light is old stuff…

I guess we’ll have to wait for more definitive data because to me he clearly said that it emits the same spectrum of light as the sun because it has the same [heat] temperature as the surface of the sun. Regardless, I think I could light my whole house with maybe four of them and a dozen or so light tubes :slight_smile:

6500K is spring time day light color temperature, this is true, however, plasma is the 4th state of matter and is a super-charged gas (the same substance that makes up the surface of the sun), so it is in fact as hot as the surface of the sun at the center of the bulb. Plasma also emits a different color for slight variations in the overall heat, so even saying that it is the same color temperature as the sun effectively implies that it is a similar overall temperature as well.