Mouser Video

Just saw this from the people I get most of my gadget making stuff from :slight_smile:

I wonder if the parcel they mentioned going to GB was my last order :wink:


@ jasuk70 - I want one of those black Mouser oxfords. :slight_smile:

I buy most of the my components from Mouser. Great service!


Amazing. I’m so glad I don’t have to go there and shop for my own parts…

It’ll keep you fit :wink:

What amazes me is their free delivery is order on Monday and get box in hands on Wednesday! (From Texas to UK!!!)

Free delivery? Was it a one time promotion or something?

Its permanent as long as you order over £50 otherwise it’s £12 delivery.

On their basket it says for

All prices include duty and customs fees on select shipping methods.
Free shipping on most orders over £50 (GBP)

I did find that I was throwing in an extra mainboard to make the order up for free delivery. :smiley: