Mounting RS21 WiFi external antenna

Does anyone know how the external antenna provided with the RS21 WiFi module is supposed to be mounted? I haven’t been able to figure out who makes this If someone knows the actual vendor and part number, maybe I can find what they had in mind on their website.

Thanks - Gene

Unless I am misunderstanding the antenna is shown…

I have the WiFi module and the antenna on my bench. The problem is I can’t see how the antenna manufacturer intended the user to mount the antenna. There aren’t any threaded parts, male or female. The little hinged part at the bottom of the antenna where the antenna lead comes out is split like it’s supposed to slide over something but I can’t figure out anything that makes much sense. If I knew the manufacturer, I could check their website to see what they had in mind or if they have some special little post that the antenna is supposed to mount on.

@ Gene - It looks like a press fit model. But i guess its GHI who should be able to tell you.

I use these to get around the (DIY unfriendly) mounting of the provided antenna… or

Double check to make sure this uses RP-SMA. I think it does but am not 100% sure without looking at specs. SMA versions of the same also exist.

I would say you jsut drill a hole in your housing with the outer Diameter of the antenna base (below the hinge) and then you stick it through from the inside.
It’s hard to see, but this Little ‘nipple’ on one side Looks like a locking part.