Mountaineer RTC

I just got a Mountaineer Eth board. It’s love hate so far.

I saw a post suggesting the RTC was not implemented in 4.2 QFE1. Is that true. Any work around? Examples? I want to set the clock on start up from a time server.

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You can always try and see if it is there in QFE2. VBAT is pin7 on socket Z by the way.

Do you have some sample code? My mountaineer boards will be here tomorrow and can test anything you’d like to verify it’s not just your board.

No code yet…that’s what I was looking for. QFE2 is tempting, but I am using it with Gadgeteer libraries and was warned to stay away. I might just do it to try and eliminate the blue screening. It crashes my PC all over the place. I am wishing I stuck with the Spider right now.


RTC support is not yet implemented in QFE2. We will look into this after the NETMF 4.3 release.

My hope is that 4.3 will make the deployment experience less frustrating than it currently is, in particular with QFE1.

As a workaround, you may implement a class with an alternative to [em]System.DateTime.Now[/em], let’s say [em]MySystem.DateTime.Now[/em], which adds a delta to correct the time yielded by [em]System.DateTime.Now[/em]. There is some code floating around with an NTP client for NETMF, this could be used to determine the delta after startup. For example, you may want to take a look at

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Thanks. I look forward to the next release.

Since I have the device pulling data from an HTTP server I will just grab the server date and do what you describe to create an offset. This should be pretty straight forward.


So there is any way to obtain the Date Time now on mountaineer ethernet QFE2?