Mountaineer Family of Products, FEZ Medusa, FEZ Lynx and Acrylic Enclosures!

Mountaineer Family Of Products
We would like to thank Cuno and everyone who is part of the Oberon Microsystems team for all of their dedication, hard work and contributions to NETMF. Our decision to no longer carry the Mountaineer family of products is not a reflection upon the Mountaineer team but instead a decision we made to only carry products supported by our SDK. Mountaineer products are still available via Mouser at or in some countries through the Mountaineer online store,

FEZ Medusa
As of 10/12/2013, with the support of the KickStarter community, FEZ Medusa has become a reality for all of those dreaming of a plug-n-play Arduino-compatible family of products. FEZ Medusa will come in three flavors: FEZ Medusa Mini, FEZ Medusa S12 and the FEZ Medusa Shield. The FEZ Medusa product line will allow the Arduino community to sense and control the physical world with a complete ecosystem of plug-n-play modules. If you missed the KickStarter campaign, do not worry as we have FEZ Medusa available on pre-order starting today.

FEZ Lynx
Thanks for the very positive feedback, FEZ Lynx has been finalized and first production run is expected in few short weeks. This new technology brings Gadgeteering to any device with USB Host. This includes, but not limited to, Windows PCs, Linux machines, Mac, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Android phones and Android Tablets. The production version is called FEZ Lynx S4 and it includes four Gadgeteer-compatible sockets in a small xxxyyy package. Need more sockets? The fifth socket on FEZ Lynx S4, and the provided software, is designed to work directly with the Hub AP5 module, which adds 15 additional sockets.

Release Of Acrylic Enclosures For Select Kits
We are excited to announce the release of acrylic enclosures for the FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit, FEZ Hydra Hacker Kit and the FEZ Medusa Starter Kit, starting at under $10.

FEZ Lynx S4:
FEZ Medusa Starter Kit Acrylic Enclosure :
FEZ Cerberus Tinker Kit Acrylic Enclosure :
FEZ Hydra Hacker Kit Acrylic Enclosure :


The eclosure sets look awesome!

Tinker Kit Enclosure has wrong description:

  • Everything you need to create the FEZ Hydra Hacker Kit acrylic enclosure