Mountaineer Ethernet and UDP and DHCP Issues still stand

Hello guys,
It seems almost a year ago I reported issues with UDP on various boards, the GHI ones have been fixed but for whatever reason the Mountaineer board is still as is…

are these abandon ware boards now???

any insight on went will this be fixed, work around, anything ???

using 4.2


We are working on a new release for both Mountaineer boards. Unfortunately it has taken much longer than we originally planned, due to the higher priority of the commercial [em]Mountaineer Prime[/em] firmware (

However, the core of the [em]Mountaineer Prime[/em] firmware will be used for the original Mountaineer boards as well, and we will release it as firmware binaries and as open source for both boards, like before. Just without the special Prime features.

The new release will fix a number of bugs. Networking in particular should benefit, as first tests of the software at a customer’s site have shown (on the M4-MCU hardware).

It is difficult for me to give a more precise date, but it won’t take until Christmas.


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Thanks for the updates…
I just wish you can at least release a beta binary that we can test…


btw can you at least test and report if the UDP Broadcasting is broken, and if you have a work around?

the same code seems to work ok in Emulator, Spider but not Mountaineer…