Mountaineer 4.3.1 Beta 2 released

April fools day or not: I’m happy to announce the second public beta of the Mountaineer 4.3 firmware and SDK. It allows you to use Microsoft’s current .NET Micro Framework 4.3.1 code base - aka NETMF 4.3 QFE1 - on both Ethernet and USB Mountaineer boards.

The steps needed to upgrade to this release, the downloads, the feature list and the issues list (which indicates which bugs have been fixed), can be found on this page:



That is surely cool!

However, what is this “Prime” firmware? It’s difficult to understand. Is it publicly available? Is it sold or is it free? Where to get one?

Prime firmware is not open source. We are an engineering company; our business is to develop custom solutions. Prime firmware is intended for use within such projects. Outside of specific customer projects, it is not available on the standard [em]Mountaineer Ethernet[/em] or [em]Mountaineer USB[/em] mainboards.

A bit more information is given here:

Just in time for some new projects :whistle:

Closed source doesn’t mean not for free. So the only way to get the firmware is to buy a custom-made board from you or could it be purchased for some reference designs with specific memory chips?

You are right of course, closed source doesn’t necessarily mean “not for free”.

Basically, we regard [em]Mountaineer Prime[/em] not as standard products, but as internal assets that we can reuse within engineering projects that have been outsourced to us. They help us to reduce time-to-market, to lower technical risks, and to ensure a high level of quality. Typical project volumes are in the five-digit to lower six-digit numbers of dollars.

The projects do not necessarily involve custom hardware development, any suitable STM32-based hardware will do.

Ok Cuno, now I get it. Thanks for the explanation.

Hi Guys,

I have one Mountaineer Eth board, which has been a little bit dusty. I want to start using it again though. I was happy to see that it has firmware version 4.3, so I upgraded. Next thing was to download all my gadgeteer modules SDK, but I found it is not supporting 4.3 yet. Can someone suggest how to deal with that problem or should I downgrade and wait until the Gadgeteer modules got supported?

Thank you!

open the source code of the Module and change it’s target framework to 4.3 and recompile it… most likely it’ll work…

for the source code of the module go here:

if it is Gadgeteer then look for it here: