Mountable 7” and 4.3” Displays for your next NETMF project!

The recently announced Display NHVN Module works with multiple 4.3" and 7" displays from New Haven. The 4.3" display drops in perfectly. With simple 2 way tape, it can be mounted to match the Display T43 Module.

The 7" display can also be made mountable. The Holey Board fits perfectly behind the 7" display, exposing mounting holes on the sides. The Display NHVN Module can then be mounted directly onto the Holey Board.

With many optional capacitive touch displays, Gadgeteer and NETMF users now have a set of professional yet reasonably-priced display options for their next project!

Display NHVN Module:
New Haven Display:


Great, now I have to spend more money. :wink:

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Does anybody have a suggestion on how to put the small toch 6-wire connector of the display into the connector on the Display NHVN board?

The large connector has a small handle so I was able to connect that one but it seems there is no such thing on the 4.3 or 7"touch connector. The images show the black part mounted completely into the 7"touch connector but I’m afraid to damage mine by using too much force when trying to make it go in …

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Hi Jos, It would appear that GHI didn’t use any zero insertion force connectors for the touch and you are going to have to just push them into the connector using care. I am not a fan of this type as it is easy to damage the FPC cable if you are not careful.

I have finally received two units, and only then realized that this adapter doesn’t support 5" displays!.. How’s that?..

@ Simon from Vilnius - the 5" display should work fine but we officially support the 4.3 and 7 as they fit nicer around the display.

By the way, the announcement and the product page are clear on what displays are supported.

My design that is free on Turnkey is for the 5" and what you saw the other day when I posted the images was the 5" one on the Cobra 2.


By the way, I just received one of the new high brightness 4.3" displays from Newhaven. It is 830 cd so should be a very nice display. I need to rework the board to use it as the LED driver is not suitable. I’ll have something working in the new year.


I don’t suppose this would work on the NHVN Module?

It should. GHI designed it to work with the 4.3" cap touch display. I need something that will allow the LCD to be secured to the panel so I will roll my own and I also use an FPC instead of lots of ribbon cables :slight_smile:

I enjoy these screens and associated with glide it seems to be a good solutions to prototype new products and even more!

Is there anyone who have an elegant solution to embed those screens in marine environment? a sealed and watertight bezels is not easy to find. Any idea?

The F07A-0102 LCD from Touch Revolution (via Digikey) It is possible to seal this into a panel and get IP65 sealing. The only issue is that the touch driver is non-standard but that shouldn’t stop you getting it working. It’s I2C.

Inelco Hunter have something similar that could be used and has the FT5x touch drivers so easy to get working with NETMF. They are the guys who did the recent LCD for the RPi.

You’ll need to do your own custom PCB for any of these options. I use the F07A-0102 in a commercial design. As long as it does not get HOT it works fine if a bit on the expensive side.