Motors just buzz when using .NET Gadgeteer Motor Driver L298

Hello all

I am trying to use the .NET Gadgeteer Motor Driver L298 to get 2 motors to move, I am using it with this
I see the red power led lit up and 2 leds at the side labbeled i2 in red and i3 in green.
Whenever I try and make the motors move in code all I hear is a loud buzzing noise :frowning:
Any ideas guys?

Welcome to the forum!

Can you please provide more details about the motors, your power source and your code.

Hi I am using 2 AA batteries connected to the Motor board, the red power led is lit.
The motors are two 5 volt DC Motors one connected to m1 and one connected to m2.
The code I am using is simply

        motorControllerL298.MoveMotor(MotorControllerL298.Motor.Motor1, 5);
        motorControllerL298.MoveMotor(MotorControllerL298.Motor.Motor2, 5);

Yep change 5 to 100, 5% is not going to work!

2AA is not enough. Try 4.

Sorry my mistake I have 4 AA connected opps.
Let me try changing the speed :smiley:

Cool putting the speed at 100 seems to have fixed in :smiley:
Thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue: