Motor Driver L298 Module

I’m not an expert on these matters…so looking for some advice:

I have two batteries that i’ve used with other non-gadgeteer based robots…9.6v/2200mah and 9.6v/4500 mah. Can these batteries be used safely as external supply to the l298 module?
I have a pair of motors rated between 6 to 24V (max current draw 1.5A) that i’d like to try experimenting with…and wondering if my gadgeteer l298 can be used with these.


L298 page specifies “up to 40V 3A,” so you should be fine with those batteries. The mAh specification isn’t really relevant, as it only measures the capacity of the battery (how long it will last) rather than the voltage or amperage supplied.

Your motors are also well within the stated specs for the L298, so I’d say go for it.

All the above with the caveat that I’m not an expert either. :slight_smile:

One question about the specs on this module:

The description says: “This motor driver module controls the speed and direction on 2 DC motors, up to 40V 3A”

Is that 3A per motor (so 6A total)? or 3A combined?

3A each motor but if you want to push to near limits then you should read the L298 datasheet.

@ mhectorgato, If you are going to push more that 2A then you will need the heat sink; here is a well designed solution (imho) [url][/url] that uses that IC.

Thanks for the feed back guys. i’d rather use what i have and this is good to know…