Motor Driver L298 Module question


this is just a very small question about the Motor Driver L298 Module.
On the catalog site, there is on the bottom a image of a socket… and that one includes some pwm signals. (see image)

I bought me once such a module and it did burn with a 5V motor and 0.5mA… and it should last till 3A >.<

So, I have now 2 transistors… could I now define a Motor Driver L298 Module on my FEZ Hydra but not connecting that modul instead I could use a breakup-module and connect the the two pwm signals to my transistors, wich drive then my motors?

Thank you for your great help so far, community.
greetings evul

@ evul - You can always put any manner of hardware between a module and the mainboard using one of our breakouts. But there is no guarantee the driver we provide will still function. You can also modify the driver if you need.

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Uhh no… I’m a total low-level programmer^^

If I remember right, the Mainboard doesn’t notice if the Motor Driver is there now physically or not, since there is no feedback.

Then I’ll try to jusr use a breakout morule and pick the two pwm signals.

Thank you for the information.

greets evul

@ evul - In the designer you won’t connect a breakout, you will still connect the motor driver. But on the physical hardware, you will connect a breakout to the mainboard and then connect the motor driver to the breakout.

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