Motion sensor (PIR module)

Thank you very much for the links you provided. The last suggestion looks very interesting. I am on my bysiness trip now, will try it on the next weekened and let you know. First i will try to power up the module and measure output pin with multimeter and if it work i can try a gpio pins… I have no idea how to use them yet, but this is the point to start from

Hi, i used a breakout TB10 module to power up the PIR without a microcontroller, and measure the signal pin with a multimeter. When the motion detected the pin generates 3v on it. Can anybody help me to understand how to hook up the signal pin to Cerbuino bee mainboard and handle its state. What kind of pin should i use? GPIO? Any code samples would be very helpful…

@ andre.m -
Thank you. I will take a look on it…I doubt should i use digital or analog, but now i have no doubt…

Check the PIR module socket type. A socket type of A means analog, X is a digital input. shows it’s an X / Y type, so certainly not analog.

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@ Brett -
Ok. Thank you!