More TFT display offers

We have been too busy with few new products and the samples we received for TFT displays did not meet our standards. So here is what I think we should offer to cover your needs. We can create a board with RGB Gadgeteer sockets and the required circuitry and have a header on the board to accept most of the TFT displays offered by

Meaning you will get the display adapter from us and the display of your choice (if supported) from newheavendisplays.

What is your thoughts on this? And which TFT displays you have been eyeing? Do we have for resistive touch or focus on capacitive touch?


I think given the reputation of New Haven among our members, this makes sense. From a Gadgeteer perspective where things really need mounting holes, I think it would be nice to have (also) an oversized adapter that could be used for mounting a display to a holey board. Perhaps there’s another solution to this problem?

I definitely think you should focus on capacitive touch.

I would prefer Buy Display (or something else) over New Haven. I have had bad experience with New Haven tech support.

@ andre.m - Capacitive touch screens are great for most applications, except for applications (like I deal with) that are in a wet environment. If a blob of seawater gets on a capacitive touch screen, it may interfere with the capacitance measurement, potentially making touch unusable. For applications where water or major surface contaminants may stick to the screen, resistive touch would be better, since they rely on physical pressure to activate.

Edit: I just realized you’re asking more about design implementation on the GHI side of things :slight_smile:

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@ iamin - the good news is that you do not need to deal with the support since we will provide everything you need. Assuming we actually create this.

Great idea. Given that most Newhaven displays, as far as I remember, have the same pinout, one adapter board could handle a wide range of them!..

Great idea Gus.

Plug and play is always a great idea.

@ andre.m - FEZ Lego has a nice ring to it!

Count me as a supporter of this idea. A gadgeteer adapter board to run various TFTs is something I could actually use immediately.

Their support is very good. I bought a sample 5" for the first time and the touch was not working properly in the Y direction. After chatting a few times over email with their tech support, they gave me an RMA and I sent it back. They tested and confirmed a default in manufacture and sent me a replacement.

They are not the cheapest, but those 5" and 7" displays are very good.

@ Dave McLaughlin - they are not in China and this has a great value but has its price as well.