More questions about initial setup

@ Brett - suggestion noted :slight_smile:

Finally I got the LEDs to blink - don’t laugh…

Still one strange thing:

OutputPort LED1;
OutputPort LED2;

LED2 = new OutputPort(Pin.PB4, true);
//OnboardLED = new OutputPort(Pin.PB2, true);

According to the schematics of the Cerbuino bee PB2 is connected to the
on-board LED, but as soon as I un-comment the PB2 assignment, it will give me:

A first chance exception of type ‘System.Exception’ occurred in Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.dll
without any further explanation.

No other external devices are declared and PB2 does not seen go be connected to any Gadgeteer Pins anyway.

Are you creating a Gadgeteer program? If so, then the mainboard definition ALWAYS takes over the pin for the onboard LED. There’s a method that lets you toggle the mainboard led - Mainboard.SetDebugLED(true|false);

@ eribla - if you want to see first hand how gadgeteer does this, take a look at the mainboard definition:
Source Control>Main>Mainboards>GHIElectronics>FEZCerbuinoBee>Software/FEZ Cerbuino Bee>FEZ Cerbuino Bee_42>FEZ_Cerbuino_Bee_42.cs


got it.