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More projects, guys!


One of the reasons I have been a little bit absent on the forums lately has been because I don’t really like posting in pure support threads. I’d much rather give advice on projects, but there have been very, very few of these threads lately.

So, [title]More project threads, guys![/title]


You heard the man, More project threads!


Yes, I missed the “Projects” discussion board which disappeared from one of the main topics, too!

Shall we bring back the “Projects” topic back??


This newb thinks you guys have a confusing array of sites for posting project stuff. There’s netmfprojects, fezzer, and this forum. So I should post the code in one of the first two and start a thread with a link here?

I’ve been tinkering with a Domino quite a but this winter, so I’ve got a ‘fish tank monitor cloud service’ just about ready to post…


I think what Chris’ post was about was more about… project ideas, brainstorming designs, that kind of thing - rather than just the minute details “this part of my bigger project is broken, does anyone have ideas”.

There’s some logic behind all these places.

  1. the forum is a Q&A / hangout kind of place. Things you ask here are mainly “exploratory”.

  2. Fezzer is for reusable code sharing. Got something cool that’s not just going to appeal to you and only you, well post it there.

  3. Microframeworkprojects wiki. More educational community contribution focussed. It’s Wiki based so you can easily modify content as needed (multiple contributors are good !). And you can post code there too… but the big factor is you can describe what you’re trying to do as you go, so it’s much better resource for learning.



I agree with Chris, but I think it should be better to divide the “support” function of the forum from the “discussion/briefing” function.
A Fez product user now has “only” the forum to ask for support. This is certanly a good thing that shows a great transparency by GHI company and a good way to work; it shows also that GHI takes care of each suggestion and problem and that it has nothing to hide to its users. But there are situations in which this is not a good support tool.
Take for an instance a situation in which a user has a project deadline to respect and needs to have an urgent need of support: would not be better to have a support tool in which user’s requests are traced and in which user should have an estimated request closed time?

I know, this is difficult because here we are wiring, soldering, experimenting, shorting and so on.

I’m talking about this issue because I’m going to use my Rhino for a professional project and I’m a little bit worried about support: my customer will probably ask me for support if something will not work and at the moment I’m not able to provide it because using only the forum I have not warranty that someone will take care of my problem.

I want to add that I am quite satisfied by fez products and I’m only talking about the support issue to clarify my ideas and to know what do you think about this!!!




Professionals with commercial projects can contact us directly for support. By the way, responses to the forum come in minutes so it is not faster to use emails. Maybe phone is faster but if you are in different timezone then even phone is not faster than forum.


Missing the projects too. But since I am working on a big project in my spare time, this does not proceed well either :smiley: